The "Minibench" is Spanesi's best-selling bench, which everyone wants to copy. This small and at the same time robust bench, not only allows to make stretching repairs, but it has become an indispensable elevator for every body repairer, this minibench allows us to make all the operations, such as dismantling, assembling, unbolting, etc. In short, it allows the operator to find the greatest possible comfort by being able to work at the desired height.

The positioning of the vehicle, both for stretching and lifting operations, is a matter of seconds or a few minutes, thanks to its extra flat pedals of only 3.5 cm. This allows us to position the clamps without the need to use trestles and the blocks in the case of lifting. Another great advantage is that the high clamps allow the use of a digital or electronic gauge, making it ideal for larger repairs.

In many body shops there is one platform for each body repairer and only one stretcher to share. This is the same concept as in mechanics, having one lift per mechanic, as most body repairs are becoming faster and faster.

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