Touch Evolution Electronic Meter

Touch Evolution


The Touch is the first electronic system in the world in terms of speed and practicality. Underneath the vehicle, it allows length, height and width measurements to be taken at various points on the vehicle.


The TOUCH electronic measuring system is a tool that allows the control and measurement of chassis. The Spanesi electronic measuring system is the first unique measuring device in the world recognised for its ease of use and speed of work.

The TOUCH is recognised as one of the best electronic measuring systems by leading automotive manufacturers, insurance companies and training centres. The TOUCH electronic measuring system makes it possible to manage flows in the workshop thanks, firstly, to carry out a printable diagnosis, but also to check mechanical parts (shock absorbers, hoses, door hinges, etc.), in order to carry out mechanical repairs. Once all these operations have been carried out, a certificate is printed as proof of the quality of the repair carried out.

The TOUCH electronic measuring system can be connected to all Spanesi benches, and can be adapted to any other bench on the market.

Optionally, it is also possible to check the geometry of tyre alignment and motorbike frames.

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