The founding partners, after several years dedicated to car repair, decided to enter the world of equipment sales. The company MARTECH CORPORATION was created in 1990 as a result of the combination of Martinez Technology. Soon after, they have a very clear VISION: "any company that decides to buy or update tools or equipment, think of us" and with a MISSION: "to have a catalogue under the same brand with which to provide any company with the necessary equipment or tools", differentiating ourselves from other brands by creating a "turnkey" slogan. The brand is highly qualified to offer the necessary tools and machinery to adapt the repair processes to the current customer demand: quality, technology, and above all solutions to be able to compete in an increasingly demanding market, in which the most important thing is the speed and the elaboration of a highly competent work. MARTECH CORPORATION is divided into two main sectors:

  • AUTOMOTIVE: In this sector MARTECH CORPORATION markets two major brands, Martech Car and Spanesi. We can supply from the smallest tool such as a screwdriver, to projects, which today is our strong point, where our customer leaves the complete implementation of the workshop in our hands.
  • INDUSTRY: Our Engineering Department has a technical office, which designs and projects the best technical and efficient solution for each customer. We have been able to develop installations with any type of demand. Offering the customer a product tailored to their needs and requirements. Railway, Eolic, Wood, Metallurgical, Aeronautics.
  • OZONE GENERATORS: We have a range of Ozone Generators for different sectors.

Our brand is consolidated, with the security and peace of mind that we offer each and every one of our customers a high quality product with a technology capable of far exceeding the needs of everyday life.

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