Martech Car was founded in the automotive sector in the 1980s, and our extensive experience has enabled us to continuously evolve and position ourselves as a leading brand worldwide in the field of automotive workshop equipment.

Our strength lies in advising our customers on the implementation of bodywork and painting processes to make them highly efficient workshops.

We have several workshops of our own in which we repair more than 15,000 vehicles per year with a turnover of 120,000 hours, which gives us first-hand knowledge of the repair sector. Thanks to the professionalism and training of our team, we are able to test and verify each of our new products under exhaustive tests before they are launched onto the market.

Turnkey: We fully install workshops tailored to the customer's needs, with prior advice, the necessary technical complements, preventive maintenance and highly specialised training for new professionals. Our technical department designs the projects from scratch, installing the most suitable means for each customer.

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