After several years of working experience in the vehicle repair industry, the founding partners decided to set up an automotive equipment sales bussiness. MARTECH CORPORATION  is therefore created in 1990 from the conjunction of Martinez Technology. They have a very clear VISION from the begining: "Our goal is that any company that decides to buy or upgrade tools or equipment, think of us". An also, a MISSION: "To offer a catalogue under the same brand to provide any company with the necessary equipment or tools, differentiating them from other brands thanks to ur motto "turnkey". Our brand offers high-quality tools and equipment necessary to adapt the  repair processes to the current client demands: Quality, technology and, above all, solutions to be able to compete in an increasingly demanding market where the speed and the delivery of a highly competent work are essential. MARTECH CORPORATION is divided into two large sectors:

  • AUTOMOTIVE: In this sector, MARTECH CORPORATION commercialises two major brands: Martech Car and Spanesi. We deliver from the smallest tool, such as a screwdriver, to projects, which is our strongest point today, where our clients leave the complete installation of their workshop in our hands.
  • INDUSTRY: In this sector, our technical development office, our engineers design and plan the best technical and efficient solution for each client. We have been able to develop facilities meeting all kind of requirements, offering our clients a customised product according to their needs. Rail, Wind, Wood, Metallurgy, Aeronautics.
  • OZONE GENERATORS: We have a range of Ozone Generators for different sectors.

Our brand has become a established business inthe market with the certainty off offering each and every one of our clients a high-quality product with technology developed to far exceed day-to-day needs.